Start Saving with the PrimeApe Rewards Program

Spend over $300 a year on printed marketing and/or signs? Then this is the program for you.

When you join the PrimeApe Troop, you step into a whole new world where you will access instant savings on every purchase. We make saving money on your marketing easy! The savings start at 10% off of every order at Tier 1 (Capuchin) and increase all the way up to 20% at Tier 3 (Kong). In addition, as you purchase the marketing materials you would buy anyway, you unlock more potential savings opportunities such as members only discounts and additionally, all your orders get V.I.M. priority handling, which can shorten production time. (Sorry, it will not affect shipping times)

Imagine... 20% off EVERY order. It doesn't take long for the savings to add up!

As a PrimeApe Troop Insider, you will also receive monthly member only deals and specials that can be combined with your existing savings level.

Your PrimeApe Membership also comes with some Free business cards. We are not talking the cheap low quality stock. You know the kind I am talking about. = ) These cards are our V.I.M. (Very Important Monkey) grade, 16pt stock, full color, double sided cards, with a choice of Matte or Gloss finish on the front, the back, or both. Capuchin level offers 250 cards while Rhesus and Kong Tiers offer 1,000 cards and all 3 levels will get shipped to you FREE of charge.
If you are a Tier 3 Kong subscriber, I will also send you some FREE pearl and even silk included in our Ultimate Sample Kit. But before you get too excited, these are just paper sample booklets with all of our popular paper stocks, coatings, and specialty finishes including suede, foil, pearl, and silk. The Ultimate Sample Kit contains 4 different sample packs including a booklet with our regular and specialty papers, A Marketing pack of different Business Card samples, some Packaging Samples, and our Large Format/Sign Sample pack. It will give you an idea of what we can offer and might even spark some creative marketing brilliance in you. To see the list of all that is included, click here.

The chart below breaks down the tiers and their benefits.

Savings Begin!


  • Signup and Start Saving!
  • 10% OFF every order
  • FREE business cards @ signup
  • FREE Print Samples booklets
  • V.I.M. Only specials/discounts


  • Total Spend Reaches $500
  • 15% OFF every order
  • Charitable Donation Fund
  • V.I.M. Priority Status
  • V.I.M. Only specials/discounts


  • Total Spend Reaches $2500
  • 30% OFF every order
  • Charitable Donation Fund
  • V.I.M. Priority Status
  • V.I.M. Only specials/discounts